All Lindy Hop and Charleston lesson packages include 4 classes, once a week, that build on material covered in previous classes.  For this reason, drop-ins are typically not allowed.  If you have to miss a class, we'll try our best to help you catch up.  Missed classes do not count as credit towards future classes.

Classes within a level do not have to be taken in order.  For example, you can start with Level 1: Charleston, then move to Level 1: 6-count.  However, *all* Level 1 courses need to be completed before moving on to Level 2, unless you have prior instructor approval (otherwise, you get lost really fast and it's no fun).  These classes rotate each month, so if you miss a month, figure out on your own when that class comes back around!  Or email, and he'll tell you.


If you wish you retake a series you've already done before (and a lot of people do this, because you will learn quite a bit the second or third time through!), you can   retake the class by itself for $20 (a $25 discount).  If you're taking Level 3 classes and you want to add on a level 1 or level 2 class, it's just $15 to add it on ($60 total for two sets of classes for the month).  Register using these options online to skip the line here.


Level 1: 6-count beginner lindy series

Level 1 Swing (6-count) starts from the very beginning, focusing on partner connection and 6-count patterns that are essential for any Lindy Hopper. Lets get you out on the dance floor! No experience or partner required.


Level 1: 8-count beginner lindy series

Level 1 Swing (8-count) starts from the very beginning of your Lindy Hop journey, focusing on partner connection and 8-count patterns, leading up to the swing out! This is your lindy hopper bread and butter.

Level 1: Beginner Charleston series

Level 1 Swing (Charleston) will get you moving on the dance floor, and here we're focusing on the dance that started it all. This dance is often interspersed within any social swing dance, or can be danced standalone. Charleston is the jelly to the Lindy Hop peanut butter. This basic also helps you dance to faster music, without feeling like you're working too hard--but you'll never feel like you're getting this much exercise when you're having so much fun!

This series will take a deep dive into the lead/follow aspects of swing and mix up some of the different rhythmic structures that make up Lindy Hop! We'll work on getting your dancing dialed into the music AND with your connection to your partner.

Level 2: Connection and Musicality

The swingout is the Lindy Hop basic, and yet one of the most complicated moves to master. We could spend a year (or more) working on this, but we're going to condense it down to the most important parts for this month. We'll work on technique of the swingout, stylizations, and moves based on the swingout. No partner required. You must have either taken both beginner series classes to register for this class, or have experience dancing Lindy Hop and have some familiarity with the swing out already.

Level 2: The Swingout

Level 2 Swing (Charleston) will be starting from the connection and aesthetics of the basic, and moving quickly on to build on the technique and connection of other patterns in hand to hand and tandem Charleston as well.

Level 2: Charleston

Level 3 classes are for students who have completed both level 1 and level 2 series.  If you read through the previous classes and say to yourself, "psh, this is a breeze," then feel free to come talk to one of the instructors and see if this level is right for you.  We teach whatever we think is fun and helpful in this series.  It's a blast, we promise.

Level 3: more advanced concepts!