Retake a Level 1/2 Class!

Retake a Level 1/2 Class!


Choose this option if you just plan on retaking a level 1 or level 2 class you've already taken (and a lot of people do this, because you will learn quite a bit the second or third time through!). If you're not entirely certain if you have, just ask. We'll make sure you've already completed this series previously at the door. This is also an affordable option for those higher level dancers who also want to continue solidifying their fundamentals (it's ridiculously priced at $3.75 a class)! If you’ve taken the beginner Balboa series before, put two of these in your cart for the whole 8 weeks.

Time: Whenever your class time is!

Location: Ballroom Utah, 3030 S Main St, Salt Lake City, Utah

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